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The Roxton Progress is can now be viewed in full color on your computer screen with the order of a digital subscription. When  you subscribe, you’ll receive an Adobe PDF file via email on the day each issue is released. You can purchase a digital subscription only, a print subscription with a digital add-on, or for those traditionalists, the regular print subscription remains available. 

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Why is the Roxton Progress Offering a Full-Color Emailed Edition?

First, as you’re likely aware, many newspapers, both small and large, are offering online subscriptions as demographics change and more people prefer read their news on a computer screen or mobile device. The younger generation is especially interested in receiving their news in an online format. We feel  the Progress will gain more readership, and our advertisers will reach more people, if we offer an electronic edition to accompany the traditional print edition.

Second, in recent years, newspaper subscribers have become accustomed to full-color print. While those newspapers with large circulations (and/or expensive subscription rates) can afford to print in color, most small-town papers like the Roxton Progress simply lack the resources to absorb the cost of full-color printing. The emailed version, on the other hand, does not require as much in terms of financial commitment and resources to produce. And with no associated postage, we can offer the emailed version at a lower price to those who would like to receive it. Eventually, however, the electronic edition will have some associated costs, as once enough we gain enough subscribers, we will use an online newspaper hosting rather than emailed copies. This method will be much more efficient and secure, and hosting sites offer additional services such as archiving.

Third, many advertisers prefer to spend their marketing dollar on full-color advertisements. Full-color draws greater attention and results in a more effective advertisement.

Finally, we recently compared our approximately 800 Facebook “followers” to our subscription list. We were not particularly surprised at the results. Of those 800 followers, only 7% currently subscribe to the Progress (although it is likely some purchase a copy over-the-counter). The reason? As mentioned above, society is changing from print to electronic media at an increasingly rapid pace. Today’s generation wants to grab their news “on-the-go” and have it at their fingertips during their lunch break, sitting in a waiting room, or anywher else the might be located in the world. The number of Facebook followers serves as proof that there are a huge contingent of people interested in Roxton  who we simply do not reach through our print edition.  We believe an electronic version of paper will allow us to gain subscribers and bring more people home to Roxton.

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