Miracle on Honey Grove Street

by Shirley Cooper

Miracle has many definitions, some which proclaim divine intervention. There is also the definition that proclaims a miracle as “an amazing product or achievement, or an outstanding example of something” (lexico.com). What I do know is the restoration of Roxton’s 20-year-old mural and the preservation of the wall it graces qualifies as a miracle.
The Roxton Progress has graciously and dutifully recorded the mural’s restoration from its inception to its completion. Thus, faithful readers, you know this has been a two year project — first in the search to find a muralist who would undertake the project, then the raising of funds, determining the method needed to restore the wall, the careful documenting of the original mural, the faithful reproduction of the original, and the decisions to enhance with the city slogan and enlarge the triple arch trestle, which in recent years has been increasingly associated with our town.
We would like to give special praise and appreciation to David Freeman, the muralist who brought the miracle to fruition. Mr. Freeman headed up the restoration of the wall itself, listened to our concerns, suggested ways to enhance the original design, and faithfully recreated our vision. He understood from the beginning of the project the importance of keeping the integrity of the original mural, and he delivered a mural that combines the best of the original enhanced with his artistic talents.
Prior to the covid restrictions, we had hoped for a grand unveiling with muralist David Freeman, city officials, and our citizens on a day dedicated to appreciating our history and the town’s willingness to support projects that keep us moving forward. With that possibility seeming less and less likely, consider this as your invitation to come view the miracle on Honey Grove Street, take your picture in front of the mural, and share our little town’s newest restoration project.
And if you look closely, you will see the one thing, other than the wording, that was not in the original mural. I will leave you to puzzle this out. Hint: It’s something we have plenty of love for in this little town, so we thought it only appropriate to add. 2020 has given us few things to celebrate; join us in celebrating our miracle on Honey Grove Street.