Roxton Food Pantry to Benefit from 2020 "Progress Christmas Card" Sales

October 29, 2020
2020 Christmas Greeting Ads are on sale now! This year, full-color ads are available in the online edition! 2020 Christmas Greeting Ads are on sale now! This year, full-color ads are available in the online edition!

For the second consecutive year, the Roxton Food Pantry will be the beneficiary of a portion of proceeds from the many “Roxton Progress Christmas Cards” we hope to print December 17 issue. Since the Progress was founded in the 1970s, subscribers, readers, and advertisers have purchased Christmas Greetings ads to send holiday wishes throughout Lamar County, Texas, and the U.S.
Early this year, the Progress presented a check to the food pantry in the amount of $1,200 for its sales efforts during the 2019 holiday season. Food Pantry volunteers sold nearly 150 Christmas Cards last fall, resulting in a third consecutive pre-Christmas issue of 26 pages — tying for the most pages ever printed in a single issue. Not only did the 26 pages equal the previous record, it represented a 12-page increase over a 5-year period, with the 2014 issue only 14 pages. We would love to print even more pages this year as doing so would translate into an even larger check for the Food Pantry!

2020 Progress Christmas Cards Sales

In the coming weeks, Louise Lipstraw will be contacting people and businesses who purchased Progress Christmas Cards last year. After the difficult year we have all experienced, the food pantry needs your assistance more than ever. A Roxton Progress Christmas Card is the perfect way to show your support for the food pantry and help those in need enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner, all while offering a hearty “Merry Christmas” to fellow readers.
Selling the Christmas Card advertisements is a major task, but Louise Lipstraw is not one to shy away. She is among Roxton’s most active volunteers and committed to continuing the overwhelming success of the food pantry. As Christmas approaches, Louise says she is up to the task!
Still, to make her efforts a little easier, it would be great if those wishing to purchase ads beat her to the punch and contacted her to place an order (contact information provided below).

Full-Color Greetings Available for First Time!

While the cost of a Progress Christmas Card remains unchanged at $2.50 per column-inch, for the first time we are also offering full-color greetings in our website/online edition. For just $3.00 per column-inch, your card will appear in color in our online edition and black and white in our print edition. Regardless of your choice, your card will still appear in both editions. The following is a partial list of card sizes and costs; however, please note that we can work with you to design most any size you’d like.

Size Full-Color Digital/ B/W Digital
B/W Print and B/W Print
2 X 2 (“Business Card”): $10.00 $12.00
2 X 3 (6 column inches): $15.00 $18.00
2 X 4 (8 column inches): $20.00 $24.00
3 X 3 (9 column inches): $22.50 $27.00
1/8 page (15 column inches): $37.50 $45.00
¼ page (30 column inches): $75.00 $90.00
½ page (60 column inches): $150.00 $180.00
Full page (120 column inches): $250.00 $300.00

Design and Layout

As far as design and layout services are concerned, you can send us a self-made graphic or let us design the perfect Christmas Card for you based on your specifications. If you want to include a photograph in your card, we will need to receive it via email no later than December 7. If you choose to provide a graphic of your own and wish to print in both color and b/w, please send both versions. The deadline for ordering a 2020 Roxton Progress Christmas Card is December 10.

Order Today!

Whether you have been purchasing a Roxton Progress Christmas Card for 40 years or would like to purchase your first in 2020, please help take some pressure off Louise Lipstraw. Give her a call to place your order at 903-227-2336. You can give your check or cash directly to Louise or mail your check to: Roxton Progress, PO Box 343, Roxton TX 75477. If you prefer to pay by credit card, please let Louise know and provide your phone number and address. You will be contacted to obtain your payment information.
It’s been a tough 2020 for everyone, but you can help us help the Roxton Food Pantry continue to serve those in need as the impact of both the health and economic impacts of COVID-19 stretch into 2021.
And from all of us at the Progress, let us be the first to wish you and yours the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of Holidays!