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August 09, 2021
One of 30 Victorian lights lining the eastern side of Roxton's business district since 1997. One of 30 Victorian lights lining the eastern side of Roxton's business district since 1997.

Santa Comes to Roxton!

By Shirley Cooper

He swept in from Ladonia and left Roxton lit up like a Christmas Tree

I know it is July. I know it is Texas hot. And I know I can tell you this in my last “Save the Lights” update. When push came to shove, I asked the world-famous giver of gifts, Santa, to help out with the Victorian Lights restoration. He just happened to be summering in Ladonia, and when he came to town, he came through in a big way! This Santa in July has a name, and it’s not Kris Kringle. No, it’s Jimmy Crofford. Yes, the very son of the late Jim Crofford who originally spearheaded the installation of the lights in 1997. One man’s legacy passed to his son — can the story get any better?

Reading the unhappy news reported in the Progress of escalating bids to repair Roxton’s treasured lamps, Santa Jimmy came to see if he could help identify the problems and extent of the repairs. After a bit of sleuthing, he discovered several issues that could be causing the lights to blink, short out, and just not function as they should. As I write this article, Santa thinks he has located and remedied the problems.

Several citizens reported seeing Santa Jimmy working on the lights. Of course, they did not recognize the old guy — he wore in summer attire — and they spied no elves to further raise suspicion. If this great news continues, the city will have enough money in this account with the current donations to maintain the lights and keep them burning. With Roxton bathed in Victorian Light splendor, Santa will have not trouble finding his way back for many December Christmases to come.
Jimmy Crofford, we owe you a huge debt of gratitude for this great gift to the city. Roxton salutes you for this contribution of time and expertise, and we find it especially fitting that you, Jim Crofford’s son, came to our rescue.

As I am writing this, I think tonight I am going to ask for a winning lottery ticket. Obviously, I am on a roll. I wished for Santa, right? And he came—in July!