About Us

The Roxton Progress was originally founded and operated from a Roxton garage in 1976. Two years later, it entered the corporate world and became published by Roxton Progress Inc., under the direction of Loraine Jackson. Mrs. Jackson served as managing editor for 10 years, when she turned the reigns over to longtime friend and news editor/general manager Helen Martin, who continued to operate the newspaper until 2008. At that time, Paul Bailey was named news editor and remained with the paper for five years, until Lisa Lipstraw served as editor from 2013-2015.

In January, 2015, Kris and Karen Rutherford accepted ownership of the Roxton Progress and turned Roxton Progress Inc. into a family business. The couple serve as co-presidents, with Kris as news editor and Karen in charge of layout and design. Since the Rutherfords took over, the Progress has expanded from 10 to 12 pages, and occasionally more. The Progress is a member of the Texas Press Association, as well as the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce.

Since Kris and Karen assumed ownership, numerous columns and features have been added to the Progress, and it has become as much of an insight into life in a small, rural North Texas town as it has a newspaper. The Progress still prints all the local happenings, but Kris and Karen consider negative stories and the bad news of the day something readers can look for in larger newspapers. The Progress is, indeed, your “Good News Paper,” with features of interest to Texans whether living in Roxton, the surrounding areas, and even for those who can’t even find Roxton on a map.

The Rutherfords plan to continue bringing you the good news about Roxton and western Lamar County, northern Delta County, and eastern Fannin County, as well as it’s history and heritage twice monthly for years to come.


Contact Information:

The Roxton Progress may be reached by telephone at 903-502-0795, via email at publisher@theroxtonprogress.com, or via US Postal Mail at PO Box 343, Roxton TX 75477. An online comment, question, and submission form is also provided on this website.


Reader-Supplied Content

Reader-provided and public news items are the lifeblood of any small-town newspaper. The Roxton Progress welcomes articles, stories, photographs, announcements, and other content submitted by readers or members of the community. Letters to the Editor will be published provided they are signed and the identity of the writer may be verified. Letters casting people, businesses, and other organizations in a negative light will be published at the discretion of the editor. No letters without verifiable facts will be published under any circumstances. The editor reserves the right to edit any submitted article, story, photograph, announcement, or other content for space requirements or overall readability. He/she also reserves the right to reject a letter at his/her discretion.


Current Staff and Advisors:

Co-Presidents:  Kris and Karen Rutherford

News Editor:   Kris Rutherford

Layout and Graphics Editor:  Karen Rutherford

Distribution:  Penny Kelly

Advertising Sales: Della McCranie

Editorial Advisor: Paul Bailey

Advisory Board: Jack Mason, Kenneth Springer, Sandra Johnson, Peggy Harrison

Board of Directors: Kris Rutherford (Co-President/Secretary), Karen Rutherford (Co-President), Phillip R. Rutherford, Lou Carolyn Rutherford, & Phillip T. Rutherford


Regular Columnists/Contributors:

Tom Bunt, Jimmy  Fletcher, Bro. Louis Holmes, W.A. Martin, Anna Paul Huckeba, Heather Steely, Amanda Cox, Dick Whipple, RISD Supt. Kelly Pickle, Penny Kelly, John Herbert Sherwood, Kenneth Springer, Nelda Campbell, Ron Spear, Jill York, Donna Boykin, Kenton May, Texas AgriLife of Lamar County, and Shearn, “Outside the Box”